Lighthouse port de la Selva 
                                      Spotted 27 april 2011

This lighthouse stands on a rocky outcrop on the coast of Selva, on the northern edge of the La Selva Bayinlet,
22 metres above sea level.
Inaugurated on the night of 16 December 1913, it was built in response to an 1891 request by the Coast guard
Society of Girona. It stands on the northern side of the Cap de Creus Peninsula, one mile northeast of the La Selva
port of refuge, on an esplanade at the tip of S'Arenella Cape.
This broad swath of coastal land acts like a retain
ing wall against the sea and wind, as it lies aweat
her of the north
and mistral winds, which, along with the easterly wind, which is especially dangerous along this coast, are the
region's dominant winds. When strong, especially when coming from the north, they make it quite difficult to
navigate in the region without a visual or lighted
reference to avoid the cliffs. ​The lighthouse’s architecture, consisting of a house and a square tower with a white turret, served asa model forother lighthouses built at the turn of the 20th
century under a second programme to improve the Spanish coastal
lighthouse system. The initial building moreover served as the inspiration for the Tossa Lighthouse, which was built two years later. 
​42° 21' 3.87" N 3° 11' 13.90" E