The airbrush is actually an old instrument. Experts are convinced that the ancient negative pictures of hands found in caves that were of a similar technique .This technique is still used, but the airbrush, as we know it was in 1893 in England by Charles Burdrick first patented likely the airbrush was then used by photographers to update their photos. In the '20s began to create artwork with the airbrush. And when the car in great numbers appeared on the streets was needed to sell advertising. These advertising images were created with the airbrush. As more and more different products to sell to be brought, the advertising market grew and created large advertising agencies. This grew the airbrush art. In 1940 Walt Disney animated film "Pinocchio" with airbrush. Since that time, this instrument an ideal tool for making cartoons. Meanwhile, many of these cases taken over by development of digital images on the computer. But the airbrush has certainly gained its place and will never completely disappear. There are plenty of artists who create their art on the computer but actually feeling nostalgic for those good old airbrush in their hands.