image-45715-kabloes Lighthouse_le_vieux__mole_Saint_Nazaire_.JPG?1449129573360
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Lighthouse le vieux mole Saint Nazaire,
1904 (station established 1834). Active; focal plane 18 m (59 ft); three white flashes in a 2+1 pattern every 12 s. 17 m (56 ft) masonry tower with lantern and gallery, attached to a small equipment room. Tower painted white with unpainted stone trim; lantern and gallery painted red. The Vieux Môle lighthouse was heavily damaged by an Allied bombing raid in April 1943; it was restored after the war using the original plans. Located at the end of the Vieux (Old) Môle, off the Quai des Marées about 800 m (1/2 mi) northeast of the Jetée de l'Est lighthouse. Site open, tower closed. ARLHS FRA-495; Admiralty D1126; NGA 0980.
47° 16' 17.34" N  2° 11' 54.95" W
image-45717-kabloes Lighthouse_le_vieux__mole_Saint_Nazaire__lantern.jpg?1449129687426
image-45719-kabloes Saint-Nazaire_-_The_lighthouse_of_the_west_pier.JPG?1449130034197
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Saint-Nazaire - The lighthouse of the west pier
September 10, 1904: fixed red oil on a turret masonry of 7.75 meters in height 
Notice to Mariners 25 September 1909: Installation of a bell
August 12, 1911: Gas oil
May 15, 1924: Electrification of fire
25 octobre1945: Light the Fire
1947: Electrification of fixed red
1962: 4 occultations fire red every 12 seconds and installation of a vibrator
ARLHS FRA-496; Admiralty D1122; NGA 0972.
47° 16' 12.94" N  2° 12' 4.99" W
image-45720-kabloes Saint-Nazaire_-_The_lighthouse_of_the_west_pier_lantern.jpg?1449130089259
image-45721-kanloes Lighthouse__Jetee_L_Est_Saint_Nazaire_.JPG?1449130458210
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Lighthouse St. Nazaire, east jetty
October 4, 1907: Fixed green light to oil on a turret masonry 7.75 m high,
May 27, 1914: Electrification of fire,
1924: installation of a bell,
Octobre1945 25: Light the fire,
1947: Electrification of the fixed light green,
1962: 4 occultations green fire every 12 seconds
47° 16' 14.62" N  2° 12' 10.40" W
image-45722-kabloes Lighthouse__Jetee_L_Est_Saint_Nazaire__lantern.jpg?1449130492703
image-45726-kabloes Lighthouse_de_Vill__s-Martin_Saint-Nazaire_.JPG?1449133153268
Lighthouse de Villès-Martin Saint-Nazaire, 
1865. Active; focal plane 10 m (33 ft); two white flashes every 6 s. 12 m (39 ft) granite tower with lantern and gallery. Tower is unpainted gray stone, lantern painted red.  Located at the end of an abandoned jetty just off a point of land about 2.5 km (1.5 mi) southwest of the Port de Saint-Nazaire. Apparently accessible at low tide from the riverfront along the Rue Ferdinand Buisson at the foot of the Rue du Port. Site open, tower closed. ARLHS FRA-535; Admiralty D1116; NGA 0964. 
47° 15' 20.35" N  2° 13' 44.66" W
image-45727-kabloes Lighthouse_de_Vill__s-Martin_Saint-Nazaire___lantern.JPG?1449133272527
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image-45729-kabloes The Lighthouse Kerlédé.JPG?1449133762241
The Lighthouse Kerlédé,
1897. Inactive since 1981. 26 m (85 ft) granite tower with masonry lantern room and gallery, rising from the center of a 1-story keeper's house. Tower painted white; lantern room and gallery are unpainted granite. Sibling of the 1894 Port Maria lighthouse  This handsome lighthouse had to be deactivated when another change in the channel required range lights on a new line. The lighthouse was bought in 1997 and renovated in 1998 by the city of Saint-Nazaire and operated as a museum by a non-profit group. In August 2004 this group disbanded and control of the lighthouse reverted to the city's ministry of culture. In September 2005, the lighthouse reopened under the management of the city's museum. Located off the Allée des Pervenches on the southwest side of Saint-Nazaire. Site open, tower open but the schedule is not known. Site manager: Écomusée Saint-Nazaire. ARLHS FRA-510; ex-Admiralty D1106.1. 
47°15′37″N 02°14′47″O / 
image-45730-kabloes The_Lighthouse Kerlédé  lantern.JPG?1449133817871
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image-45735-kabloes Lighthouse_Tour_du_Commerce.JPG?1449134442126
Tower of Commerce,
Lighthouse on the ground (400m from the coast)
 Architect: Magin, engineer of the Highways
 Built around 1756, commissioned 1 January 1830 and died in 1897
Sold to an individual in 2006
Trade Tower, so named because of the support of traders in the city, is part of the construction program of Phare Aiguillon, which by their alignment, signals the entrance channel only 3m wide, which allows access of ships in the estuary and port of Saint Nazaire and Nantes. Built around 1756, the Navy engineer, Mangin, the tower of the trade is at first a bitter. A lantern was installed there in 1830 and therefore emits a white light varied by eclipses every 2 minutes.
 Destroyed and rebuilt in 1857, it will stop work after the construction of the new channel, further east in 1897. The alignment of the tower of the lighthouse and trade de l'Aiguillon is then replaced by the headlights of Kerlédé and porcelain. Called to other duties, she will definitely closed in 1997.
47° 15' 25.08" N  2° 14' 56.25" W
image-45736-kabloes Lighthouse_Tour_du_Commerce_lantern.JPG?1449134516432
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image-45737-kabloes Lighthouse portcé.JPG?1449135086761
Lighthouse portcé,1981 (station established 1897). Active; focal plane 36 m (118 ft); quick-flashing white light, intensified on the range line and synchronized with the front light. 19 m (62 ft) slender cylindrical metal tower with lantern and gallery, painted white. A white slatted daymark is installed along both sides of the tower for its full height, creating a gigantic white rectangular daybeacon.  Located off the Chemin de Portcé on the southwest side of Saint-Nazaire. Site open, tower closed. ARLHS FRA-409; Admiralty D1106.1; NGA 0952. 
47° 15' 21.36" N  2° 14' 51.07" W
image-45738-kabloes Lighthouse portcé_lantern.JPG?1449135143338
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image-45739-kabloes saint-gilles_croix_de_vie_jetee_s.JPG?1449135376125
End of the pier light Garenne 
The green light from the pier de la Garenne date of its extension in 1991. It has a height of 8 m and has a range of 8000 to the white area and 6000 for the green sector.
Code Admiralty : D-1193 
Zone : Côtes du Centre-Ouest et Atlantique 
Lieu : Vendée (Loire)
Latitude : 46°41'30" N. 
Longitude : 1°57'12" O. 
Type : Eclat      
Couleur : Vert 
Période : 4.0 s 
Nb éclats/occ : 1 
Hauteur : 8.00 m 
Elévation : 8.00 m 
Portée :  6 milles 
Particularités :
L. 1 s, Oc. 3 s

image-45740-kabloes saint_gilles_jet__e.JPG?1449135690702
End of pier light Boisvinet 
The red light on the pier Boisvinet has a height of 6 m and a range of 8000 to the white area and five miles to the red area
Admiralty Code : D-1191 
Area : Coasts of Centre Ouest and Atlantic 
Location : Vendée (Loire)
Latitude : 46°41'36" N. 
Longitude : 1°57'12" W. 
Type : Flashing      
Color : Red 
Period : 4.0 s 
Nb flash/occ : 1 
Height : 6.00 m 
Elevation : 8.00 m 
Range :  6 Miles 
particularities :
L. 1 s, Oc. 3 s

image-45741-kabloes saint_gilles_jet__e_de_boisvinet.JPG?1449136171930
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image-45742-kabloes saint_gilles_entre___feu_ant__rieur.jpg?1449136758494
Saint-Gilles Entrry Light,
1880. Active; focal plane 7 m (23 ft); quick-flashing white light, intensified on the range line and synchronized with the rear light. 7 m (23 ft) square stone tower with window and balcony. Originally the light was displayed though the window, but now it is mounted on the balcony railing. Tower painted white, with the upper half of the front face painted red.  Located on the waterfront of Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie. Site open, tower closed. ARLHS FRA-480; Admiralty D1190; NGA 1160.
image-45744-kabloes Saint-Gilles_Entrry_Light.jpg?1449136868712
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image-45747-kabloes lighthous Saint-Gilles__Tour_Jos__phine_.JPG?1449137923867
La tour Joséphine,
désignée aussi sous le nom de tour du Vieux Môle, se situe dans la commune de Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie sur la côte de Lumière, dans la région Pays de la Loire en Vendée.
Elle est édifiée en 1850 en hommage à Joséphine de Beauharnais suite à une demande formulée en janvier 1837 par seize capitaines du port de Croix-de-Vie. Ils demandent l'établissement d'un feu de port qui pourrait être aperçu à deux ou trois lieues en mer et placé à l'extrémité du môle de Croix de Vie.Premier phare du port de la commune, la tour haute de 8 mètres, comporte une lanterne de 3,5 mètres ; elle est mise en service de 1852 à 1880.
Jusqu'en 1875, elle indique l'entrée du port avant d'être reconvertie en dépôt d'explosifs. Parfois, la tour est aussi désignée sous le nom de « Tour à Dynamite ».
La réfection de la tour, sa couronne et sa lanterne, en 2000 par le Conseil général de la Vendée, lui redonne toute sa splendeur.Un jardin public est ouvert en 2003 autour de cette tour.                                      46°41′48.01″N 1°56′53.99″W

image-45748-kabloes lighthous Saint-Gilles__Tour_Jos__phine_ lantern.jpg?1449137970909
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image-45749-kabloes Lighthouse_D_Amont.JPG?1449138750655
Lighthouse D'Amont or Great Lighthouse of Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie, has been enhanced with 1889 to 1890. The cornice is surmounted by a metal railing cantilevered asked. As the lighthouse of The Potence, Sables d'Olonne, it has a balcony beneath the lantern which leads to a staircase of 104 steps made of granite from the quarry of Boulogne-sur-Lucs. Its current height is 24 m and its range of 12 miles.1880. Active; focal plane 28 m (92 ft); quick-flashing white light, intensified on the range line and synchronized with the front light. 24 m (79 ft) masonry tower with lantern and gallery. Tower painted white; lantern, gallery and top of tower painted red. At the watch room level is a window with balcony, matching the style of the front light. Originally there was no lantern and the light was displayed though the window. The lantern and gallery were added in 1890. Located on the Rue Henri Raimondeau at the Vanelle du Grand Phare, in the center of Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie, 260 m (285 yd) northeast of the front light. ARLHS FRA-481; Admiralty D1190.1; NGA 1164. 
image-45750-kabloes Lighthouse_D_Amontlantern.jpg?1449138905136
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image-45751-kabloes Lighthouse_Pointe_De_Grosse-Terre.jpg?1449139536193
Lighthous Pointe de Grosse -Terre1967 (?). Active; focal plane 25 m (82 ft); four flashes, white or red depending on direction, every 12 s. 17 m (56 ft) round white concrete tower with gallery but no lantern.. J.W. Vaur has 1972 as the date of this lighthouse. The lighthouse was built as a landfall light because development along the shoreline had obscured mariners' view of the harbor entrance lights. Located on a point of land just off the D6 coastal highway on the west side of Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie. Site open, tower closed. ARLHS FRA-310; Admiralty D1189.6; NGA 1168.
image-45752-kabloes Lighthouse_Pointe_De_Grosse-Terre_lantern.jpg?1449139582456
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image-45844-kabloes Lighthouse_Paimboeuf_.JPG?1449226792898
Lighthouse Paimboeuf,Located in the Loire estuary, more than 10 km from the coast, Paimboeuf lighthouse is the only lighthouse built on the land. It has been operating since 1855, 7,15 m high and its range is about 20 km. focal plane 9 m (30 ft); white or green light, depending on direction, occulting three times every 12 s. 9 m (30 ft) round cylindrical limestone tower with lantern and gallery. Tower painted white, lantern and gallery green. Located at the end of the breakwater sheltering the harbor of Paimboeuf, (7.5 mi) west of Saint-Nazaire. Site open, tower closed. ARLHS FRA-378; Admiralty D1142; NGA 1028. 
Coordinates:47° 17′ 25.39″ N, 2° 1′ 57.17″ W
image-45845-kabloes Lighthouse_Paimboeuf_lantern.jpg?1449226832443
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image-45846-kabloes Lighthouse_Saint-Michel-Chef-Chef.JPG?1449227260968
Lighthouse Saint-Michel-Chef-Chef, (Port de Comberge) (South Breakwater), 1965. Active; focal plane 7 m (23 ft); white or green light, depending on direction, occulting once every 4 s. 5 m (16 ft) square cylindrical concrete tower with gallery.  a slender cylindrical concrete tower with a castellated top, suggesting that it was used as a lighthouse also. There is no evidence it was ever lit, but it does appear to carry a small triangular daymarker. Located on the south jetty at St.-Michel-Chef-Chef, a town on the south side of the Loire entrance about 7 km (4.5 mi) north of La Plaine-sur-Mer. Site open, tower closed. ARLHS FRA-593; Admiralty D1105; Admiralty Code: D-1105 Zone: Hills Central West and Atlantic Location: Loire-Atlantique Latitude: 47 ° 10'42 "N. Longitude: 2 ° 9'54 "W Type: Group flashing Period: 6.0 s Nb flash / occ: 2 Height: 5.00 m Elevation: 7.00 m . (D 1105) ARLHS # FRA-59
Coordinates: 47° 10' 32.3" N 2° 10' 0.8" W

image-45847-kabloes Lighthouse_Saint-Michel-Chef-Chef_light.jpg?1449227312352
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image-46300-kabloes Lighthouse_Pornic__Pointe_de_la_No__veillard__.JPG?1449342925258
image-46303-kabloes pornic.jpg?1449343366972
Lighthouse  Pornic is in the city center, near the tip Noëveillard. Nearby are the beautiful shady park "Auguste Renoir" and the port. 
Lighthouse Pornic,1846. Active; focal plane 23 m (75 ft); white, red, or green light, depending on direction, occulting four times every 12 s. 15 m (49 ft) square cylindrical limestone tower with lantern and gallery, attached to the front of a 1-1/2 story keeper's house. Tower painted white, lantern green.  The lighthouse was originally 11 m (36 ft) in height; it was extended in 1882. In 1886 the keeper's house was also expanded. Located near a large marina on the west side of the entrance to the harbor of Pornic, on the Baie de Bourgneuf about 30 km (19 mi) south of Saint-Nazaire. Site open, 
Range White 13 sm Red 9 sm Green 9 sm
Characteristic Oc (4) WRG 12 sec
ARLHS FRA-372; Admiralty D1156; NGA 1032.
Coordinates: 47° 06' 25" N 02° 06' 40" W
image-46301-kabloes Lighthouse_Pornic__Pointe_de_la_No__veillard__lantern.jpg?1449343119438
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image-46304-kabloes Lighthouse_Pointe_Saint-Gildas_.JPG?1449343928190
image-46307-kabloes mat_semaphorique_type_1806__pointe_saint_-gildas.JPG?1449344219955
Lighthouse Pointe Saint-Gildas is located in the town of Préfailles. Recently built, it tag the Pointe Saint-Gildas in Retz at the southern entrance of the mouth of the Loire. Bordered by a long rugged coastline, this quaint little lighthouse offers a beautiful view of the island of Noirmoutier and the estuary of the Loire.  Historical In 1861, a semaphore is built at the Pointe Saint-Gildas. In 1941, a first lamp is installed on a concrete pylon on the old semaphore of the Pointe Saint-Gildas asked by German troops. The optical comes from Cape Gris-Nez. In 1949, the Navy terminated the activities of the semaphore. But nighttime lighting is claimed by browsers. In 1954, a temporary fire is first installed on a concrete pole located on a former bunker of the Second World War (scintillating light with white-red and green areas). In 1958, the semaphore is available to the Service of lighthouses and beacons, fire is moved inside of it, the former guardroom. Accommodation is arranged babysitting: fire will be kept from 1959 to 1986, when its automation. A beacon will run from 1959 to 1999. In 1993, the concrete structure surmounting the former signal is removed and replaced by a pylon carrying the fire current. Current lighthouse It is a steel tower surmounting the old semaphore, stone masonry, painted white. The tower and lantern are painted green. It is automated and remotely controlled from Saint-Nazaire. The old semaphore Unused by the Department of lighthouses and beacons signaling, has been entrusted by the Navy in the town of Préfailles. Since 2004, it is a museum space. It tells the eventful episode of this area of ​​the pocket of Saint-Nazaire, where the German occupiers resisted until 11 May 1945. It also recounts the many disasters that occurred off the coast of Jade, like the famous wreck of the steamer Saint-Philibert, who, returning from a trip to Noirmoutier, in 1931, sank with 500 passengers.
Coordinates:47° 8' 0.27" N 2° 14' 49.51" W
image-46305-kabloes Lighthouse_Pointe_Saint-Gildas_lantern.jpg?1449344007735
image-46314-kabloes light_green___pointe_saint_-gildas.JPG?1449345959942
Built with ocean views Semaphore Pointe Saint Gildas reflects the rich history of maritime communications and the lighthouse keepers. In an old room surveillance, visitors discover the turbulent memories of famous shipwrecks around the mouth of the Loire for admiring the ocean views from the panoramic terrace.
Spotted 22 May 2012
image-46346-kabloes the seesaw-lighthouse.jpg?1449405283512
                                                                                      The seesaw-lighthouse was built.
                                                                  About 6 bushels of coal was put in the basket, and set on fire.
                                                                              Then up and down as the weather changed.
image-46316-kabloes lighthouse_les_Brochets.jpg?1449348779577
Etier des Brochets Light
Operating 1949-
semicircular masonry tower with gallery and an enclosed equipment room at the base, painted white.  Brochets is a small oyster-fishing village on the southwestern shore of the Baie de Bourgneuf. Located about 3 km (2 mi) northwest of Bouin. Site open, tower closed. ARLHS FRA-541; Admiralty D1160; NGA 1068.
Height of focal plane 8 m
Height of structure 8 m
Range White 10 sm Red 7 sm Green 7 sm
Charakteristic Oc (2) WRG 6 sec
46° 59' 00" N, 002° 01' 00" W
image-46317-kabloes lighthouse_les_Brochets_optiek.JPG?1449348849059
                      Spotted 01 September 2013
image-46318-kabloes lighthouse_pointe_des_dames.JPG?1449349407320
Lighthouse Pointe des Dames,1867. Active; focal plane 34 m (112 ft); white, red, or green light depending on direction, occulting three times every 12 s. 19 m (62 ft) square cylindrical masonry tower with lantern and gallery, rising from the front of a 1-1/2 story keeper's house. The keeper's house is occupied by a resident keeper. Building painted all white, lantern black. Located off the Allée du Tambourin on the northeastern corner of the island, about 2 km (1.2 mi) northeast of the Noirmoutier-en-l'Île waterfront. Site open, tower closed. ARLHS FRA-254; Admiralty D1162; NGA 1080. Coordinates: 47° 52.2" N 2° 13' 21.8" W
image-46319-kabloes lighthouse_pointe_des_dames_optiek.JPG?1449349488771
                  Spotted 01 September 2013
image-46320-kabloes lighthouse_pointe_notre_dame_des_mont_fromentine.JPG?1449350596834
Pointe Notre-Dame-des-Monts Fromentine's lighthouse,
This lighthouse was settled here in 1915. It is nearly unique, first because of the materials that have been used to craft it: metallic, which is rare, most of the lighthouse being built with concrete. It is also rare because of its size: only 33 feet when lighthouses usually get to more than 66 feet1915 (station established 1881). Active; focal plane 21 m (69 ft); white, red, or green light, depending on direction, occulting twice every 6 s. 10 m (33 ft) cylindrical cast iron tourelle with lantern and gallery. The red and green colors are provided by filters attached to the gallery rail. Lighthouse painted white, lantern dome black. This lighthouse has been restored recently; Located in a park at the end of the Avenue du Phare in Fromentine, on the mainland just inside the Goulet. Site open, tower closed. ARLHS FRA-374; Admiralty D1172; NGA 1120. 
Coordinates: 46° 53' 00" N, 002° 09' 00" W

image-46322-kabloes lighthouse_pointe_notre_dame_des_mont_fromentine_optiek.JPG?1449350647234
                Spotted 01 September 2013
The Pointe du Grouin du Cou lighthouse (sometimes called the La Tranche-sur-Mer lighthouse)1953 (station established 1831). Active; focal plane 29 m (95 ft); flash every 5 s, white, red, or green depending on direction. 16 m (52 ft) octagonal concrete Art Deco tower with lantern and gallery. Tower is white concrete; lantern painted black.  On April 25
1953 of that year the new tower showed its light, an electric  signal, for the first time; it was tended by a keeper until 1985, when it was automated.This replacement is one of four Art Deco towers in Vendée (all different) designed by the architect Maurice Durand; the others are Île d'Yeu, Pointe de Grosse Terre, and L'Armendèche. The lighthouse guards the entrance to the Pertuis Breton, the sound sheltered by the Île de Ré. Located on a prominent point of land off the Rue du Phare at the Place de la Baleine on the west side of La-Tranche-sur-Mer.Today the lighthouse is controlled automatically from Les Sables-d'Olonne; its property is still owned by the government, and is off-limits to visitors Site closed, tower closed. ARLHS FRA-311; Admiralty D1214; NGA 1240.
46° 20′ 40″ N1° 27′ 49″ W
image-46328-kabloes Pointe_du_Grouin_du_Cou_Light__La_Tranche-sur-Mer_optic.JPG?1449397536635
                          Spotted 11/09/2013
image-46329-kabloes la_Capitainerie_port_de_Bourgenay.JPG?1449400558674
image-46330-kabloes la_Capitainerie.JPG?1449400704901
                                                                           La Capitainerie port de Bourgenay.fake,nice lighthouse 
                                                                                  Talmont-Saint-Hilaire port de Bourgenay 85440
                                                                                               46°26'27.20N 1°40'39.80"W
                                                                                                       Spotted 11/09/2013

image-46331-kabloes D1211_2.JPG?1449401649357
Area: West Coasts of Central and Atlantic West pier head light (Port Bourgenay) D1211.2,
Type: Flashing Color: Red
Period: 4.0 s
Nb flash / occ: 1
Elevation: 8.00 m
Range: 9 Miles
Coordinates:46°26'17.2"N 1°40'44.7"W
image-46338-kabloes D1211_2_optic.jpg?1449403332579
                            Spotted 11/09/2013
image-46343-kabloes Rear_range_light__Port_Bourgenay_.JPG?1449403876622
Rear range light (Port Bourgenay)
Admiralty Code: D-1211.1
Subject: Alignment
Type: Quick flashing
Color: Green
Height: 17.00 m
Elevation: 19.00 m
Range: 7 Miles
Coordinates: 46° 26' 27 "N. 1° 40' 36 "W
image-46344-kabloes Rear_range_light__Port_Bourgenay_lantern.JPG?1449404001355
                           Spotted 11/09/2013
image-46348-kabloes La_potence.JPG?1449405813459
La Potence lighthouseLes Sables d'Olonne)This lighthouse, built in the south-east of the port of Les Sables d'Olonne, form an alignment with the fire of the embankment on the promenade by the sea
At a height of 20.20 meters, it was commissioned in 1874. It overcomes a house that houses the offices of the Subdivision Lighthouses and Beacons Sables d'Olonne.
His fire, lit by a halogen lamp 1000W 1 brilliance shines white 4s. It has a range of 16 miles (about 30 km). It is automated and can not be visited. a small modern lantern, rising from the front of a 1-1/2 story keeper's house. There is also a balcony at the window of the sixth floor of the tower. Entire structure painted white. . The keeper's house was the local office of the Bureau des Phares et Balises, according to Guyomard and Carceller, but this may not be true any more: . The office may well have been moved to the Tour d'Arundel. The light was originally displayed through the window having the balcony; the lantern, raising the height of the light, was added in 1965. Note: la potence means "the gallows." The Rue des Deux Phares (Street of the Two Lighthouses) joins this lighthouse to the former front light, L'Estacade. Site open, tower closed. ARLHS FRA-442; Admiralty D1207.1; NGA 1200.
Coordinates: 46° 29' 8 " N.1 ° 45 '58 " W.
image-46349-kabloes Lighthouse_La_potence_optic.JPG?1449405947053
                       Spotted 11/09/2013
image-46350-kabloes L_Estacade__feu_ant__rieur_.JPG?1449406575614
Front light L'Estacade,
September 1, 1874: red light on a directional square tower 7.40 m in height, 
22 September 1914: Automation and incandescent coal gas, 
Décembre1941 electrification, 
April 5, 1975: fire red glare, 
September 13, 1975: fire red occultation, the fire is out and moved après1982 50m further east on a metal pole 12m in height; new alignment 033 °, 
fire isophase Constantly red
​Admiralty D1207; NGA 1196. 
​Coordinates:46° 30' 00" N, 001° 46' 00" W
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image-46353-kabloes Front_range_light__Entrance_and_Rear_range_light_________________________Les_Sables_d_Olonne_kabloes.JPG?1449407585262
image-46354-kabloes Front_range_light__Entrance__Les_Sables_d_Olonne_.JPG?1449407895866
Front range light Entrance,
Zone :Coasts of Centre Ouest and Atlantic
Location :Vendée
Period:4.0 s
Nb flash/occ :1
Height:6.00 m
Elévation:6.00 m
Range : 9 milles
Code Admiralty:D-1210
​Coordinates:46°29'42" N.1°47'42" O.
particularities :
on range line 328.1°, synchronized with the rear range light, permanently on 

image-46361-kabloes Rear range light, (Les Sables dOlonne).JPG?1449408390112
Rear range light, (Les Sables d'Olonne)
Area :Coasts of Centre Ouest and Atlantic
Location :Vendée
Type:Directional isophase  
Period:4.0 s
Nb flash/occ:1
Height:9.00 m
Elevation:9.00 m
Range:9 Miles
Admiralty Code:D-1210.1
​Coordinates:46°28'44" N.1°47'42" W.
particularities :
on range line 328.1°, synchronized with the front range light, permanently on

image-46362-kabloes Front_range_light__Entrance_and__Rear_range_light__Les_Sables_d_Olonne_.JPG?1449408624898
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image-46363-kabloes Tour_d_Arundel__Tour_de_la_Chaume___feu_post__rieur_.JPG?1449410007111

Lighthousela Chaume , or fire Arundel Tower,Built by the princes of Talmont in the fifteenth century Protestant leader Soubise seized the castle in 1622 and it had built fortifications. Garrison under Louis XIII, bombed in 1796 by the Anglo-Dutch, acquired by the state in 1835 and restored in 1986-1994, the castle now houses the Museum of the Sea.The tower of Arundel is part of the defensive system of the St. Clair castle. The first fire was installed in 1593. In the eighteenth century the fire of Thatch is the only lighthouse Vendee. Its present form is the result of restoration work made from 1857 to 1858. During your visit to the Museum of the Sea in April to September, enjoy the privilege of access to the top of the tower: panoramic view of the Bay of Les Sables-d OlonneCoordinates: 46° 29' 00" N, 001° 47' 00" W

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image-46370-kabloes Les_Sables_pier_light__Les_Sables_d_Olonne_.JPG?1449412369350
Jetty Sands Les Sables pier light ,
To protect the harbor entrance from silting , the " large pier Sands " was built from 1768 to 1780 under the direction of Francis Lawrence Lamandé , Inspector General of Bridges and Roads - . From the description that we was made in 1883 by the engineer Jules Dingler ( 1836-1901 ) , the pier is formed " two longitudinal walls based on stilts, connected by transverse walls, the voids being filled sand " . At its end , the small lighthouse , a height of 7 meters, is built of granite and put into service in 1825 .Thanks to the kindness of the Director General of Bridges and Roads - Ernest Franqueville (1809-1876) , the city gets significant subsidies to complete the development of the port work and complete those of the small jetty . Thus , the decree of 28 January 1863 authorizing the construction of the breakwater des Sables, composed of 14 cells and a walkway tow . In 1992, the marine climate with heavily damaged the structure , it was decided to replace the decking cement by azobé , exotic wood rot .Stopping the sand carried by the tides and currents, the pier will promote their accumulation at the foot of the neighborhood Passage which are installed including thereafter , the Grand Casino (1876), kindergarten Passage (1888) Base and sea ( 1988). The small jetty was dynamited by the troops of occupation in the night of August 27 to 28, 1944 . Its reconstruction is made in 1950 and its opening is performed by Mr. Pinay, Minister of Public Works , March 18, 1951 . Since then, the structure drops the sand on which the concrete base of the lighthouse rests. Important work of consolidation took place in 1994 and 1995. Now its leaning structure gives it the nickname " little tower of Pisa ."Admiralty Code :D-1204
Color : Green      Height :9.00 m
Elevation :11.00 m      Range : 8 Miles
front range light on line 320° with La Chaume light (Arundel tower)
​​Coordinates: 46°29'27" N.1°47'31" W.​​

image-46371-kabloes Les_Sables_pier_light__Les_Sables_d_Olonne__optic.JPG?1449412414654
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image-46433-kabloes St-Nicolas_pier_port_light__Les_Sables_d_Olonne_.JPG?1449415295478
image-46437-kabloes St-Nicolas.jpg?1449415620592
Saint Nicolas:The construction of the jetty at La Chaume is performed in three steps:
In 1764-1765 , the work concerns the so-called "Saint Nicolas " book drystone convex at the bottom of the priory of Saint - Nicolas pier.
Then in 1863 , under the guidance of Mr. Franqueville , the extension of the pier is operated in coming to rest at the end of a rock called "Little Pierre du Port" , forming an acute angle with the breeze blade .
Finally, from 1876 to 1883 the building of the end of the large pier of La Chaume , 100 meters to the south east, to protect the harbor entrance blades storms.
The construction of the lighthouse on the knuckle of the large pier was completed in December 1910. At a height of 12.50 m , it is stone granite . Initially, the fire ran on mineral oil without permanent guardian and an electrical rotation.
The decree of June 3, 1876 also includes the realization of gateways between hauling this item at the dock of La Chaume . Foundations are rubble and mortar of Portland cement . Decking wood 300 meters , or 28 bays was set on steel beams supported by piles of rubble masonry .The total length of the bridge is 492 m.It is also destroyed by German troops at the end of August 1944. However, the Department of Public Works does not see fit reconstruction of the towpath (since according to him, the boats are hauled no longer as before ) . Finally , it is in order to create a promenade privileged La Chaume that work began in 1967. The bridge is reopened to the public in August 1971.
But undergoing the onslaught of spray, pier Saint- Nicolas has since been many restoration. Reinforcement corrosion weakened the structure of the deck and railings . Those of the end of the long pier are replaced in 1996. Recently, pedestrian safety has necessitated the complete rehabilitation of the bridge. The inauguration of this new work was completed on August 5, 2008.

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image-46443-kabloes lighthouse_St-Nicolas.JPG?1449415817255
St-Nicolas pier port light (Les Sables d'Olonne), Color : Red
Period :1.2 s
Height :14.00 m
Elevation :16.00 m
Range : 8 Miles masonry tower with lantern and gallery. Tower painted white, lantern and gallery red.The Jetée de Saint-Nicolas is the breakwater mole sheltering the west side of the harbor entrance. Located at the end of the mole. Site open, tower closed. ARLHS FRA-498; Admiralty D1200; NGA 1212.
​​Coordinates: 46°29'14" N.1°47'32" W.

image-46466-kabloes Des_Barges_lighthouse__off_Sables_d_Olonne_.JPG?1449416244064
Des Barges lighthouse,
 Type :Group flashing  Color : Red
Period :10.0 s Nb flash/occ :2
Support :In Sea
Height :29.00 m Elevation :25.00 m
luminous intensity :30000 Candelas  1861. Active; focal plane 25 m (82 ft); two red flashes every 10 s. 29 m (95 ft) granite tower with gallery. The original lantern was removed in the 1970s and replaced with a modern steel structure. Tower is unpainted gray stone; lantern structure painted red. Located on a rocky reef called La Grande Barge, about 2.5 km (1.5 mi) west of the beach on the west side of Les Sables d'Olonne. Accessible only by boat; there are good if somewhat distant views from the beach. Site and tower closed. ARLHS FRA-010; ; NGA 1184.Admiralty Code : D-1198
​​​Coordinates: 46°29'45" N.1°50'25" W.

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image-46471-kabloes Armandèche.JPG?1449416820632
Armandèche lighthouse,
Onshore lighthouse - Sables d'Olonne - 1967 - Inscrit en 2011
This lighthouse was built to replace the light on the Arundel tower, a former castle at the entrance to the harbour of La Chaume, and hidden by the construction of buildings along the seafront in the 1960s. This was the last major lighthouse built in France. The six-sided reinforced concrete tower, made using the slipform construction technique, has narrow glass block windows in its east and west facades to provide light for the staircase.
Architect: Maurice Durand
Year of construction: 1967
Year put into service: 3 août 1968
Year electrified / Year automated: 1968
Height: 42 metres
Range: 22,5 nautical miles
Light characteristic: White flashing light, 2+1, every 15 s
Lens: Rotating three-panel lens; focal length: 0.25 m; lighting: 650 W halogen bulb
 Art Deco hexagonal concrete tower with lantern and gallery. Tower is white concrete, lantern painted redLocated just behind the beach, off the Route Bleue, the shoreline boulevard on the west side of Les Sables-d'Olonne. Site open, tower closed. ARLHS FRA-173; Admiralty D1196; NGA 1180.
​​​​Coordinates: 46°29'24" N.1°48'18" W.
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image-46470-kabloes Larmandche lighthouse__Les_Sables_d_Olonne_.JPG?1449418393445